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Linda K. Sienkiewicz is a published poet, fiction writer and artist from the heart of the Midwest. Her website is lksienkiewicz.wordpress.com.

(THANKS from the blog to Linda for confessing her ‘horrible’ crush; readers, feel free to confess your own in our Comments…Who is 2009’s Oliver Reed?)

My Horrible Celebrity Crush by Linda K. Sienkiewicz

When Susan Lilley wrote about the crush she “instinctively knew was not cool” on Barnabas, she gave me the courage to confess my really creepy crush, one that I have never quite understood, probably because I was afraid to look too closely at it, and until now, never admitted.

It was 1968, and I was fourteen, on a school field trip to view the film “Oliver!” at a local theater. I slid down in my seat and yawned, expecting a musical about a street urchin to be as exciting as having to watch Liberace with my parents at my grandmother’s every Sunday evening. That bored attitude changed when Bill Sikes, played by Oliver Reed, swaggered onto the screen in his battered top hat. That brooding snarl! That chiseled jaw! That five-o’clock shadow! Those cruel blue eyes and bushy muttonchops!

Every time he appeared, the hair on my neck rose and something throbbed between my legs. I sank deeper into my seat, hoping no one noticed I was practically panting. How could I be attracted to a sweaty thug? He was evil, vicious, and smokin’ hot. Handsome, in that ruggedly romantic way, hissing sweet little nothings to Nancy with his hand around her throat. I cried when he clubbed her to death. Even if she was a disloyal slut, it was wrong, but he redeemed himself when he choked up about it afterwards. Only a true psychopath feels no remorse. Bill Sikes was misunderstood; a good man at heart, his silver lining tarnished by a bad childhood and poor education, left with no marketable job skills other than thievery.

I was unable to sleep. I was haunted. I was also sure the other girls in my class found Oliver Reed and Sikes repulsive, and, of course, that fact made me love him more. We were both outcasts. (more…)

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