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TMI TIPPING POINT by Elizabeth Searle

When news of a John Edwards sex tape surfaced, screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy suggested a Post on TMI scandals.  Now we hear the FBI has the TMI tape no one wants to (or do we?) see.

Which scandals have reached the Too Much Information Tipping Point for you?  I asked Caitlin.  Her quick list:

Tiger Woods; Charlie Sheen; Conan/Leno (not a sex scandal, but a scandal, no less); Casey Johnson/Tila Tequila; Jon and Kate (no one cares about them anymore, and yet they’re desperately creating scandals for the sake of coverage); Anything having to do with the “Jersey Shore” cast (Who cares about their nude photos, club fights, etc.?) ;the upcoming Kitty Kelley Oprah book, where Oprah’s “real” relationship with Gayle is exposed. Yawn.”

As always, Caitlin says it best.

Of course no one is making us read this stuff, but once hooked on certain celebrities or scandals, it’s hard to stop– even if you ‘hate yourself in the morning’.

Britney Spears carried out in a stretcher amidst a mad rant was a riviting yet also revolting spectacle.  Tia Tequila’s ‘Grief Tweets’; Gov. Mark Sanford’s cringe-worthy emails.  And now Jenny Sanford is ‘telling all’ in her own new book– though she was the one who wisely warned her husband before his infamous press conference NOT to talk about ‘your heart’ .

When I read an online headline stating that the latest Tiger Woods mistress says his sexual fantasies are ‘not normal,’ I didn’t press the link to learn more.  Who is pushing you over the TMI edge?  Have you stopped watching?  If not, why not?  WDYT?  PS: THANKS to Litotes & Mike Luckovich for this perfect cartoon commentary on Edwards et al…

(photos: Edwards & mistress- stupidcelebrities.net; Conan&Leno- examiner.com; Jersey: GoogleImages)

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Sharon Stone recently commented that Meryl Streep looks like “an unmade bed.'”

That’s some unmade bed. Not only did Streep look ravishing and natural at this month’s Golden Globes, she is acting circles around her over-Botoxed frozen-faced peers in her golden years. ‘Gold’ as in lotsa shiny statues: Streep garnered double-whammy Globe nominations and is a favorite for the ultimate Golden Boy, Oscar.  And how about a true Golden Girl, 88 year old Betty White, who stole the show at the SAG awards?

Helen Mirran hits the beach

Note to Stone and Heidi Montag: film acting can be enhanced by movable facial muscles.

I asked blog fave Caitlin McCarthy— who alerted me to Stone’s comment– which other actresses besides la Streep seem to be aging gracefully. Caitlin’s list:

Helen Mirren, Julie Christie, Jacqueline Bisset, Sophia Loren, Susan Sarandon, Candice Bergen, and Patricia Clarkson all look natural and beautiful — not like plastic people.”

True, these ladies have had a ‘little help from their friends’ but they have eschewed the drastic knife-work of less gutsy stars.  Cheers to these ‘It Women’.

Who is your fave. from the big or small screen?  Oprah?  Diane Sawyers?  Blog fave Julianna Margulies?  Send in your own nominees as we celebrate celebrity women of a certain age, who aren’t afraid to ‘own it’…
PS: Great additional List suggestions on Comments: Anjelica Huston, Diane Ladd, Judi Dench, Jessica Lange…PPS: plus Cloris Leachman, Glenn Close & Angela Lansbury…& Lauren Bacall!

(photos: Meryl Streep:kidk.com; Helen M: audi-sport.net; Oprah: Googleimages; Julie C: cinematical.com; Betty W: mjtimes.sk.cn)

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