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The heat is on.  With shocking ‘crazed sex poodle’ allegations being hurled at Nobel-winning Al Gore and with a $750 million dollar divorce settlement coming down on Tiger Woods and with Mel Gibson— mired in his own messy divorce– allegedly spouting racist rants, the race for Disgraced Celebrity of Summer, 2010, has begun.

As for Spring: In a close race, in an extended voting period here on the blog, Tony Hayward, CEO of BP, edged out Jesse James of Sandra Bullock-gate, for DISGRACED CELEBRITY OF SPRING, 2010.

The luckless Hayward had his defenders, who pointed out that he is stuck in a tough job, but Tony H’s remarks about wanting ‘my life back’ and his ill-timed decision to attend a summer yacht race overseas may have sealed the deal.

Running the Race for Disgrace

Being CEO, readers pointed out, carries big benefits and big risks. Like it or not, Hayward is the public face of the BP. And BP ‘owned’ disgrace for Spring, 2010. On whether Tony H. himself even qualifies as a ‘celebrity’, blog reader LARZINI weighed in:

Disgrace can breed celebrity status, and such is the case for Tony Hayward. If you’re a nobody and you do something that’s sheer awfulness puts your name in headlines where it’s never been before, you’ve achieved some form of celebrity… No one talked about Bernie Madoff or Kenneth Lay of Enron before their respective disgraces, the disgrace was enough to make them household names, hence, celebrities.

On a lighter/brighter note, blog fave and screenwriter Caitlin McCarthy nominated the delightful BETTY WHITE as Comeback Celebrity of the Spring, 2010.  Long may Betty live.

CONGRATS to Golden Girl Betty; ‘CONGRATS’ to BP’s Tony H.; good luck to all.  Now let’s start considering contenders for Disgraced Celebrity of Summer, 2010…

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Bullock needs to watch her back

Soon celeb.s may design ‘pre-nup.’ agreements with those closest to them– their book-deal-hungry Bodyguards and Nannies.  The STAR warns: HOLLWOOD HOUSEKEEPERS TELL ALL and alleges the Brangelina household to be piled with pizza boxes plus hair-dye on the walls.  Tabloids are a price of fame, but I feel for Public Mothers.

The 'Brangelina Bunch'

Stories on Sandra Bullock quote ‘insiders’ saying Bullock is pouring her stepmother heartbreak into a ‘tell-all diary’ that may become a book.  Motherhood is always a challenge; Public Mothering has unique perils.  I have no problem with criticism of self-created celeb. Kate Gosselin for DWTS mis-steps and general lack of talent, but I felt for her when she and her ex were publically court-ordered into Parenting Class.

A-list star Moms face judgement too.  Brangelina is not only dealing with pizza-box-pile-up but with fallout from an ex bodyguard of Angelina Jolie‘s.  He claims that Angelina doesn’t live up to her super-mama image, allegedly laughing when her kids cry.  Of course, as any Mom knows, sometimes laughing is all you can do to keep from crying yourself.

Paul McCartney’s ex wife Heather comes in for bashing from her once-trusted nanny, who details Heather’s alleged tantrums and stinginess. From Nannies to ‘insider’ snipers, celebrity Moms can trust no one. Do the new breed of backstabbing bodyguards go too far?  Is discretion dead?  And why are Celebrity Dads less often in line of fire?

PS: Thanks to Eugenio for the Onion’s shocking ‘Study Reveals Dolphins Lack Capacity To Mock Celebrity Culture‘…

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“I feel so sad for Sandra,” fellow celeb-watcher friends have remarked to me, along with celeb-watcher strangers online.  The latest on Bullock include stories that she will abandon her film career.  Could she be balking, in part, at the national Pity Party on her behalf?

Recently at the Maine Festival of the Book, while giving a talk on the power of celebrity stories, I asked the audience which current celeb. stories they were following most intensely.  Sandra Bullock, came the chorus.  Or, from the female voices,  just: “Sandra!”

Why Sandra?  Why do I feel it when I was not especially a fan?  Shiny Hollywood marriages shatter regularly.  Far from ‘blindsided, Bullock chose a professional Bad Boy.  Yet her particular Hollywood tale of woe wrings hearts and rivets millions.

High-contrast makes for high drama. Like a scene out of the Judy Garland weeper A STAR IS BORN (in which her drunken hubby slaps her at the Oscar podium) Sandra Bullock beamed at her husband from that real-life podium a mere week before his betrayal bombshell hit.

It’s Sandra Bullock’s gift to seem almost ordinary, her beauty quirky enough to suggest someone we all know.  Blog wise woman Judith Podell put it this way:

She’s like the girl who gets elected Prom Queen in an upset election because she’s so nice and such a good sport, only in her case it’s the Oscar. She has–or had a good comic actress face, I think work has been done to make her “prettier”. I loved Miss Congeniality.

Bullock seemed to have found a rare real-life Happy End with a rough-hewn heart-of-gold guy, one who even came complete with adorable children.  The ‘child’ issue here is particularly poignant.  How many women in their forties who have wanted children are relating to Sandra’s very public yearning for a family?  (Which is emphasized further by the new rumors that her reason for turning her back on Hollywood is to focus solely on her infant son).

Finally: the eyes have it.  Bullock often takes on a jaunty persona, but her meltingly brown doe eyes suggest vulnerability, elevate her Nice Girl face into beauty and make her an Oscar-caliber actress to boot.  Will this latest cruel twist of fate, ironically, make her star shine even brighter?  Or will Jesse James’ seamy secrets eventually tarnish Sandra too?  Will she actually leave Hollywood and all our pitying prying eyes for good?  WDYT?

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Readers may disagree on who is more annoying: Maudlin John Mayer weeping and Tweeting his regrets for his racist and sexist Playboy remarks or Unrepentent Rielle Hunter, bragging in the new GQ about telling the very married John Edwards the night she met him, “You are so hot.”

co-winners Mayer & Hunter made their own beds

Screenwriter and blog friend Caitlin McCarthy first suggested combining the disgrace duo she dubbed ‘Mayrielle.’  The two garnered more votes than close competitors Eric Massa and John Edwards himself– as well as new contender Jesse James.

Our blog readers seemed to agree with Rielle Hunter’s own assessment that her bottomless cheesecake photos posed amidst her child’s stuffed animals in GQ were ‘replusive.’  Celeb.s Blog fave. LITOTES recalls seeing earlier photos of Rielle and wondering why John Edwards was ‘dating Rod Stewart.’ However, LITOTES finds a springtime silver lining:

But on the bright side, I can thank Rielle for two things: (1) Exposing John Edwards (in two senses)  (2) Bringing to mind the old joke about using lawyers as lab animals. There are some things rats won’t do.

Meanwhile, getting a headstart for Disgraced Celebrity of Spring, 2010, Jesse James and Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee face new ‘skinhead‘ rumors and are denounced by fans who feel that the lovely, funny and talented Sandra Bullock deserves better than Jesse.  James had said publically that Bullock ‘takes his breath away.’  Some of us hope she takes a lot more away from him now.

To give Jesse James his due on this disgraced-celeb.-enabling blog, his own public apology said it best: “I deserve everything bad that is coming my way.”

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WIN AN OSCAR, LOSE A HUSBAND? by Elizabeth Searle

A week ago, a tearful Sandra Bullock gazed at her hubby– the ominously named Jesse James– from the Oscar podium.  Then rumors alleged that James cheated on Bullock with Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, a ‘tatoo model.’  Jesse has now issued a public apology. Bullock first fueled the fire by abruptly cancelling her appearance at the London Premiere of BLIND SIDE for ‘unforeseen personal reasons.’

But if this whole sordid story turns out true, is it really so ‘unforseen?’  After all, this same week last year’s Oscar winner Kate Winslet announced her separation from longtime husband/director Sam Mendes.  Other Best Actresses from recent years lost husbands shortly after winning Oscars.

Take Hillary Swank.  She famously forgot to thank devoted hubby Chad Lowe in her first Oscar acceptance speech.  Within a year after winning her second Oscar and effusively thanking Lowe, at last, the two were history.

Then there was the history-making win of gorgeous Halle Berry.  Berry spoke of her husband ‘holding her up’ during her euphoric speech.  But he ‘let her down’ big-time after her win, publically admitting to being a ‘sex addict’ before he and Berry split for good.

The actresses who’ve avoided this curse tend to be the least Hollywoodized: majestic Brit. Helen Mirran and determinedly down-to-earth Frances McDormand.  No wonder Meryl Streep has kept losing in recent times– can that be the secret to her longstanding marriage?

Given Hollywood’s high divorce-rate in general, it could be sheer coincidence.  But given the oversized egos in all realms of show biz, including the spouse beat, I’m guessing it’s hard for those beaming super-supportive spouses to share the spotlight with a certain nude gold guy.  WDYT?  PS: Thanks to LIVVY for alerting us to the PEOPLE report that Sandra Bullock ‘left her home’…And to LITOTES for an LOL Tiger cartoon…Plus, thanks ANTISTAR for sending in Jesse’s apology statement

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Biggest Winner: Kathryn Bigelow not only made history as the first female Best Director but snatched Best Picture from her ex-husband James Cameron moments later…

Best Morning-After Joke: “The only thing James Cameron won was Best Ex-Wife.”

Best Dresses: Sandra Bullock & Cameron Diaz dressed to win, matching Oscar’s gold…

Most Curious Fashion Trend: Ruffly Can-Can dancer skirts that even the likes of Zoe Saldana, Elizabeth Banks and Demi Moore Can’t-Can’t easily walk in

Biggest Interruption: Long-winded speech by producer cutting in on Best Short Documentary winner; dubbed by some as Oscar’s Kanye West moment…No one had time to finish their speeches!

Best visuals: A tie: Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin whipping out 3-D glasses to ‘see’ James Cameron plus Alec and Steve ‘glimpsed backstage’ in their ‘Snuggie.’

Most Moving Moments: Mo’nique’s speech, John Hughes’ tribute, Barbra Streisand handing Kathryn Bigelow her Oscar, the Irish Sound man from Hurt Locker,  Jeff Bridges thanking his mom & dad, the standing ovation for Lauren Bacall

Lines of the night: Bacall (regrettably relegated to making her Oscar speech on tape): “The prospect of a two-legged man in my bedroom is almost too exciting”; Robin Williams: “One of many balls being held in Hollywood tonight”; Bigelow: “The moment of a lifetime;” Steve Martin: “This show was so long, Avatar now takes place in the past.”

PS: Thanks to blog fave CAITLIN for reminding us of past Oscar ‘disgraces’ including Rob Lowe singing with Snow WhiteLiz Taylor blowing off the nominee names for Best Picture and acceptance speeches in the aisles… And to BRIDGET for alerting us to Sandra Bullock’s double Oscar/Razzie win…Plus thanks to MARY for sending in the Kanye Moment link and passing along the James Cameron joke; & CAITLIN again for Top 10 Oscar mysteries from last night explained…  Let us know your Oscar pic.s & pans for this year of years…

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It’s a race without much disgrace this year.  While Sandra Bullock has struggled through her husband’s messy custody battle, and while best-actor nominee Morgan Freeman stars in a scandal of his own involving his alleged affair with his step-grandaughter, the main human drama gripping Hollywood this Oscar weekend is whether Kathryn Bigelow will beat out her womanizing ex-husband (James Cameron, of the Titanic-sized talent and ego) to become the first female ‘Best Director.’ Cameron himself says she deserves it.

But what of the acting races?  Do you put your money on Meryl Streep or Sandra Bullock?  (And will they share another awards-night kiss, whoever wins?) Jeff Bridges or George Clooney?

The New York Times attempts to take a scientific method by using ‘hunch and history‘ in its Oscar picks– but admits that the supporting catagories are always up for grabs.  My bets are on Bullock, Bridges, Bigelow.  Also Avatar and in those tricky supporting races: Anna Kendrick and Christoph Waltz.

What do your own hunches tell you? Who will win– and/or, who ‘should’ win…?

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