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Surprise, surprise: who's your Daddy?

When news first broke– confirming the affair that America’s ‘paper of record,’ the National Enquirer, had uncovered– my husband phoned me himself.  He knew I had flirted with voting for John Edwards and his populist fervor and winning smile, plus his highly admirable, highly likable wife: a fellow Elizabeth.

Though first a Hillary then an Obama supporter, I had contributed ‘Coulter cash’ to the Edwards campaign when he and his wife were under attack.  (Now I wonder if that small donation found its way to Rielle Hunter‘s love nest, where she hid out while carrying the now-confirmed Edwards’ offspring– the darling baby who always, as the intrepid Enquirer pointed out, looked like ‘John Edwards in a onesie.’)

‘Oh no,’ I cried into my cellphone when my husband said Edwards had admitted the affair, my voice so appalled that my young son in the back seat of the car– a child of these Recession-struck times– asked in horror: “Did Daddy lose his job?”

No, it was just Mommy losing her mind.  Which scandals drive you up a tree?  Blog fave Mary Kissane put it all so well I can only quote her Facebook flame, affire with the indignation so many of us feel toward the man who has just confessed to fathering the child he at first denied and who has been declared by Huffington Post pollsters to be the most unpopular figure ‘anywhere, anytime.’  Mary Kissane, responding to that poll, takes the mic:

“Gee, Mark McGwire gets a standing o for “coming clean,” but at least this poll shows people have some sense of proportionality left!

Cheating on his dying wife, the mother of his very young children, fathering a love child w/ a gold-digging party girl, and only NOW admitting he fathered the skank’s baby, after denying it for 2 yrs & even asking an aide to beard for him… Yeah, political Siberia is too good for him. Also loved a thread commenter’s noting that by timing it amidst grim Haiti news (not to mention our comic relief from NBC), he cannily avoids being ‘Tigered.’ And Seth Meyers priceless line: ‘Edwards’ admission is so the REVERSE of shocking that my coffee spit ME out!'”

Mary and Seth, you speak for millions.  Is anyone sorry for this man, at one time one of the most popular in politics?  I’m certainly sorry for his hard-working idealistic volunteers and supporters, for his wife and kiddies, all of them.  Why is this particular politician-with-pants-down scandal so irksome, so– as Mary put it in a separate Facebook post– ‘revolting’.  What is it about this one that makes some of us reverse-spit our coffee and frighten our own innocent young children?

photos: Edwards & daughter: crooksandiers.com; National Enquirer: mostlymedia.com; Edwards smirk: gather.com

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