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THANKS to Tigh & Sarah for seeing Ali through!  And thanks to Woods Hole Film Festival for seeing Celebrities in Disgrace through to its exciting premiere on August 6th.  Along with coverage on WBUR, Boston’s NPR radio, check out THE BOSTON HERALD, an Inside Track story: ‘Ice-ing on the Cake’.

Good to hear from my Tweet friend RON again; check out his SONG ABOUT ALI…& ALI #2 plus a comment/Ali theory…

Sarah Kowalski and Tigh Rickman are recent graduates of Stonecoast MFA. Both longtime fans of reality televison, they are both relative newcomers to ABC’s The Bachelor. However, much like crack cocaine, it only took a small hit to hook them both, and now both watch religiously with their fiction writers’ eyes.

It is said that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step. For Ali, the first step was having her heart broken by Jake on The Bachelor, and she’s come a long way since. Over the course of her journey she has toured the world, from Los Angeles to New York, from Iceland to Portugal, and it ends here, in Bora Bora, an idyllic if not muggy paradise where the seed of her future will be planted in dark volcanic soil. But before she chooses between the masculine yet sensitive Roberto and the sensitive yet masculine Chris, both men will meet her family who will in turn provide council to Ali as the moment of truth draws ever closer. This is it. The Finale. The episode Sarah and Tigh have been waiting for. The time for Ali to make her choice and thus forever change her life is here.

Tigh: So this was it. The finale. The episode you and I have been waiting for. The time for Ali to make her choice and thus forever change her life is here.

Sarah: Indeed: and many, many opportunities for Chris Harrison to intone his trademarked Coming Up… as we were treated to flashbacks and prequels galore. I swear, sometimes The Bachelorette feels like its own Cliffs Notes.

Tigh: Hey, it isn’t easy filling 120 minutes, just ask MTV’s Kennedy. Of course, as we suspected, the Big Choice ended up being more the Big Forgone Conclusion.  But there were still dates to be had and the Fedotowskys to meet, and first up to bat…the left fielder…Roberto Perfeeecctooooo (cue entry salsa music).

On Roberto Meeting the Fedotowskys

Sarah: So, the manufactured drama of the first half of the episode was whether or not both men would win over Ali’s family: particularly her father, the floppy-haired Mr. Fedotowsky whose “blessing” was all-important to both Roberto and Chris. Unsurprisingly, Roberto had little trouble charming Ali’s clan with his earnest smiles and salsa-dancing lessons. (more…)

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