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It’s time again to consider THE YEAR IN ‘DISGRACE.’  As always, I welcome readers’ thoughts about Disgraced Celebrity of 2014.  Post any nominees in COMMENTS here or on other posts on the blog.


I was proud to stand with Warren at her Election victory party and I have never been more proud of her than I am now!

But first a few words about a TRUE DISGRACE of our times and about my favorite brave Senator– Elizabeth Warren laid it all out in her speech on the Senate floor, cutting Citigroup into pieces.

To me, the way Wall Street and the One Percent own Washington is THE key issue of our times and the root of so many other problems. No politician knows this issue better than Warren, who’s spent her whole brilliant career studying it. Though the bill will go through and this particular battle may be lost, Warren’s voice is being heard:


This whole speech is worth a watch: Warren reels off damning specifics and talks about slicing up Citicorp like she means business.  In the end, she quotes Republican Teddy Roosevelt about how it’s not just that there is too much financial power with these bloated banks, it’s too much political power and it threatens our Democracy. Stirring words.  This battle may be lost but the war goes on, with our own Senator Elizabeth Warren of MA leading the charge.

My teenage son said it best.  After he and I attended a debate between Warren and Scott Brown, I mentioned to my son that Warren never raised her voice.  He replied: “Yes, but she’s fierce.”

(photo courtesy of the author; taken on Warren’s election night shortly after her Victory speech)

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