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Daniel%20publicity%20shotAfter many years writing about music, movies and theater as a top Boston-market freelance journalist, Daniel Gewertz turned his attentions toward more creative writing, namely personal essays, short memoir pieces and story-telling. Recently, he completed his first novel, “Ghost To Genius.” He frequently performs his work on stage. Gewertz has published in The Boston Globe Magazine, The Boston Herald,  Harvard Magazine, The New York Times, and many other periodicals, and has taught writing at Cambridge Center for Adult Education, Lesley University and Bay State Community College. He holds a B.S. from Boston University in journalism. Or rather, he keeps it in a bottom bureau drawer.

UPDATE: Linda Ronstadt speaks out publically about Life with Parkinsons…

LINDA RONSTADT by Daniel Gewertz

Linda Ronstadt images-1has lost her singing voice to Parkinson’s disease. Despite the sadness of irrecoverable illness, I gain comfort in the thought that Linda had such a long and shining career, making music that is timeless and art that has enobled our age: art that allowed us to briefly find our way in a lost society.

She enlarged her artistic scope at the same time that my friends and I also did, mastering the great American songbook like few others of her generation.

She was once the most beautiful girl on the American stage, in my humble opinion. She had the great good fortune to arrive on the scene at a time when the music she loved most was immensely popular, and, miraculously, it gained popularity without having to artistically lower itself one whit.

imagesHip music critics put her down for being mainstream, but what a stream it was! Her voice may have been best in the 70s, 80, and 90s. But her whole life of music is a blessing.

I feel about her like I do about Willie Nelson. I can say, without hyperbole: we are lucky we could share this earth at the same time as Linda Ronstadt did.

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